The beginning of Blockchain financing Make your dreams come true on the Mastermainnet
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MAS mainnet features

Masnet dApp

Masterbank App

  • Trading Indicator Service

    Make more reasonable investments with Master Bank's index such as MBBI and MBEI.

  • Convenient UI

    Experience easier digital asset management with intuitive UI/UX.

  • Multi wallet

    Manage Various virtual assets in one app.

  • A Reasonable fee, Amazing speed

    Are you suffering from Excessive fees and slow speeds? Master Bank solved these problems with side-chain.


Comparison of blockchain performance

TPS (Transactions/Sec) Block Interval Confirmation Time Number of Nodes
MAS 2,000 1 sec 1 sec 21
EOS 3,500 0.5 sec 1.5 sec 21
Ripple 1,500 4 sec 4 sec 55
EOS 3,500 0.5 sec 1.5 sec 55
Tron 1,200 15 sec 300 sec (5 min) 915

Blockchain Ecosystem

Token Economy

  • Analyst

    Analytical data of various tokens are provided to users (e.g., individual and institutional investors) through MASTER BANK, and information is evaluated by professional investor groups.

  • User

    Users make decisions on cryptocurrency investments based on information and evaluate them based on results.

  • Blockchain Company

    Purchase data from MASTER BANK and pay fees.


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